In-vivo and In-situ mechanical characterisation of soft living tissues

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The objective is to measure in-situ and in-vivo mechanical properties of living tissues. This data is patient specific and can be decisive in the preparation of surgery. For example, identification of mechanical properties allows establishing models for each patient with the aim of anticipate the consequences of surgery on the behavior of the operated tissues, or define the optimum material for the design of a prosthesis or orthosis. This project aims to measure the mechanical properties of living tissues in vivo and in situ non-invasively. The proposed method must meet a complex issue: the measured mechanical properties must be representative and reproducible measurements. The measurements must be made of non-invasive manner and adapted to a surgical environment (sterilization device, safety, suitable materials ...). Finally, the simplicity of the methodology would allow wide dissemination of this method to physicians. It is therefore necessary to show that the proposed methodology can achieve such goals. This work is part of an extension of previous work in TIMC-IMAG laboratory on the LASTIC Project (light aspiration device for in vivo soft tissue characterization). This project aims to replace the apex height measurement of aspired tissue by measuring its volume. mechanical properties of the material will be identified from these data by solving an inverse problem.

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